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The Darkroom UK Ltd,15 Berkeley Mews, High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1DY

E6 35mm + Prints or Scans Options

£8.95 No Scan, No Prints

£15.90 Up to 4.5Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£6.95), No Prints

£23.45 18Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£14.50), No Prints

£36.75 87Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£27.80), No Prints

£15.90 4.5Mb CD TIFF (+£6.95), No Prints

£23.45 18Mb CD TIFF (+£14.50), No Prints

£44.70 87Mb CD TIFF (+£35.75), No Prints

£16.70 No Scan, 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£23.65 Up to 4.5Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£6.95), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£31.20 18Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£14.50), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£44.50 87Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£27.80), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£23.65 4.5Mb CD TIFF (+£6.95), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£31.20 18Mb CD TIFF (+£14.50), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£52.20 87Mb CD TIFF (+£35.75), 4"x6" prints (+£7.75)

£21.70 No Scan, 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£28.65 Up to 4.5Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£6.95), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£36.20 18Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£14.50), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£49.50 87Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£27.80), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£28.65 4.5Mb CD TIFF (+£6.95), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£36.20 18Mb CD TIFF (+£14.50), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£57.15 87Mb CD TIFF (+£35.75), 5"x7.5" prints (+£12.75)

£27.20 No Scan, 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£34.15 Up to 4.5Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£6.95), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£41.70 18Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£14.50), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£55 87Mb WeTransfer Jpeg (+£27.80), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£34.15 4.5Mb CD TIFF (+£6.95), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£41.70 18Mb CD TIFF (+£14.50), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

£61.95 87Mb CD TIFF (+£35.75), 6"x9" prints (+£18.25)

We only process Fuji or Kodak transparency films, with Options for Scans and Prints, which you can select in Your Basket page. No other makes of film are accepted.
Allow 3-4 days lab time.

If you need digital files from your film you should choose the Scan film options in the Basket

Your order for this film type starts with Add to Basket. On the following page, you can increase the number of films; choose either individual plastic mounts or simply sleeved; prints or scans. Please include your name and complete postal address with the film. You’ll see a summary of your order before confirming it.

  • Please note that from Feb 2022 we can no longer provide the mounting service for 35mm slide films and they can only returned in sleeving. This is due to the sole manufacturer ceasing production and not providing an alternative.

If you cannot use CDs then send an USB stick with your film.

Please Note:

  • Allow 5-7 days lab time
  • A link to our Freepost label is at the bottom of any page for you to print
  • Sellotape the label to a strong envelope and it’s ready to post
  • A confirmation of your order is emailed to you – please include a print out of this with your film ( or hand written note )
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