The Darkroom UK Ltd,15 Berkeley Mews, High Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1DY

Prints from Film

Reprints and print packages are today printed digitally, which offers distinct advantages over past lens-based prints - dust and scratches are removed with digital ICE. Contrast and colour saturation can now be adjusted and of course, images stored digitally.

  • Prints from slides are easily reproduced, with no garish highlights and missing shadow detail
  • B&W prints look neutral and print to print copies often improve on the original.

All our prints are individually assessed - nothing is printed on 'auto' and as with all our wet processes, it is monitored to maintain accurate process control. Our printing staff can tailor prints to a particular style and we know when our regular clients have a preference, for instance, to 'warmer' prints or ones that have more vibrant colour. Please tell us if you have a particular style and give us feedback if our prints are not quite to your taste: it's all part of a professional service.

  • Special Offer for prints sets - order online
  • Individually assessed - for every print
  • Print sizes 3.5 x 5 - 8 x14, plus mini, passport & multiprint
  • 35mm, 120, APS
  • Non-standard sizes: 126, 110, Sheet film, Glass plate (special handling required)
  • Gloss or matt, with or without borders
  • Colour, BW negative and transparency