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We stock a good range of materials for traditional photographers and printers. All our film stock is refridgerated and what we don't keep in stock we can usually order in 48 hours. We do not 'stack it high and sell it cheap' but sell products at recommended retail prices.

Fuji Provia
ProS film
Fuji Superia
Fuji Provia

Thank heavens for Fujichrome: speeds from 50 asa Velvia and ProviaF 100 in most formats

Portra: The film of choice for Wedding photographers in 160 and 400 asa in 120 format

Fuji Superia:
As good as it ever was from 200 - 800asa in 35mm

Of course we keep Provia F in 120 and 4x5 film too!


delta 100
delta 400
Delta 3200
Xp2 film

Delta 100
T-grain grain structure for the photographer wanting film with exceptionally fine grain, sharpness and tonal smoothness

Delta 400
uses an entirely new form of silver grain structure to produce a 400 ISO film with grain size more typical of 100 ISO

Delta 3200
Ultra-high speed B&W film from Ilford, also unusual in that it is offered in 120 format

an exceptionally fine-grained BW 400 ISO film that is processed in colour negative chemistry (C41)

FP4 Plus
is made with a balanced layer assembly which gives improved exposure latitude and tonal range

HP5 Plus
Fine grain, good edge contrast & sharpness, and flexibility in processing allowing for higher speeds.

Kentmere 100 ASA
Medium speed BW film suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where good lighting exists.

Kentmere 400 ASA
Fast speed BW film for working with action shoots and available light situations.


ilford multigrade IV
Ilford MG fibre base
Ilford MG FB warm

Ilford Photo Multigrade IV
leading make of resin coated VC paper, high speed, neutral tone, with premium weight base.

Ilford Photo Multigrade IV Fibre base
heavy double-weight, 225 gsm, with the popular neutral to slightly warm emulsion.

Ilford Photo MG IV FB WA
high quality fibre-based paper with warm-working emulsion and base.

id-11, perceptol
selenium toner

Ilford Photo liquid chemicals
We stock wide choice of solutions to keep you busy in the darkroom

Ilford Photo developer powders
ID-11, Microphen, Perceptol film developers

HARMAN SELENIUM TONER is a new liquid concentrate toner, designed for the dish/tray toning of all black and white photographic papers


id-11, perceptolNo serious darkroom is complete without several Paterson products

  • Developing dishes
  • Film developing tanks and spirals
  • Measuring cylinders
  • Film clips
  • Changing bags

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