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german etching

310gsm Textured

This is our most popular art paper that mimics the surface texture and warmth of tradtional watercolour paper. It is a 310gsm mould made 100% cotton rag paper that, together with our Ultrachrome inks, guarantees archival standards.

Perfect choice for reproduction of art using acrylic or watercolour paints or photographs with that 'painterly' quality.

photo rag

300gsm Smooth

This is a smooth finish cotton rag paper, not unlike a smooth cartridge paper, that particularly lends itself to reproductions of etchings, illustrations and pencil drawings but really its scope is much broader that that. Another archival quality paper with a 300gsm weight.

Perfect choice: botanical illustration, etching, sketches...


photo rag

Permajet Portfolio Rag 220gsm Smooth

Although it has a lighter weight, this 100% cotton rag paper is very similar to our 300gsm smooth paper. It may be better to avoid this if the image toners are very dark, as the extra ink load may not allow it to lie perfectly flat.

Perfect choice: botanical illustration, etching, sketches...

photo rag

Permajet Portrait White 285gsm

This is a textured finish cotton rag / wood archival mix paper with a bright white base. The unbleached cotton rags may not suit a subject that needs the brightness that paper offers but in other respects, it is very similar to our 100% cotton rag


photo rag

Permajet Artist Watercolour 250gsm

This is a wood pulp paper but still archival in quality and has a strong textured finish, not unlike some watercolour paper. The base colour is a light cream so adds warmth without being intrusive. Applications would be the same as for our Textured cotton rag paper.



Permajet Gloss Baryta 320gsm

Traditional fibre-base BW papers came in a variety of surfaces and gloss could either be finished glazed or unglazed for a high gloss or soft gloss result. ( Later resin cloated paper produced a much glossier finish ) We have selected Permajet 320gsm baryta paper that gives an impressive depth of colour with a surface very similar to unglazed gloss: almost as though a light varnish had been applied.


titanium paper

Permajet Titanium 260gsm

Titanium Lustre is a new silver metallic paper from PermaJet. Unlike most other metallic papers which are constructed by simply adding an ink receiving layer on top of a metallic film, PermaJet Titanum Lustre uses a resin coated base, in the same way as PermaJet Gloss, Oyster and Ultra Pearl papers do. By using a silver resin base, rather than white resin base, PermaJet has managed to produce a stunning metallic-effect paper like no other.



Canvas Wraps

We only use a true fabric canvas for printing as opposed to textured paper or card. Images are printed onto top quality canvas, a UV protective coating is applied and the canvas then stretched onto top quality Russell & Chapple frames. The 'stretch' is then applied by using the traditonal method of wooden wedges. The pre-cut sizes can be mixed and matched to make square or panoramic shapes and the image is normally wrapped around the edge: 36mm deep. Sizes range from 10" to 40" are stocked


Fuji Photo Satin and Gloss 260gsm

A top quality giclee paper in either pearl or gloss: the pearl finish is the most popular for large prints and is the perfect choice in terms of colour accuracy and saturation. Perfect for reproducing photographs when they will be viewed in a frame, albums or as exhibition panels .


photo rag

Fuji Hi White 260gsm

As an alternative to traditional pearl or gloss papers, this bright matt paper is already popular to photographers who prefer a velvety finish to their prints.



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