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Whilst most appropriate to callers to the laboratory we stock a good range of ancillary items for traditional photography. No darkroom is complete without at least one item from Paterson and their developing trays are synonymous with darkroom magic and below is a selection of available products

We also stock a range of ancillary darkroom and film handling products from white cottton gloves, sleeving pages and fine line marker pens. Available in store or on request: please call.

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digital timer
2000D Enlarger Timer

uni enlarger
Universal Enlarger

contact printer
Contact Proof Printers

focus finder
Micro Focus Finder

A budget, mains operated, digital enlarger timer that can be set from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds in 0.1 second increments or from 10 to 99 seconds in one second increments. The brightness of the LED display can be adjusted to individual requirements.

35mm to 6x6cm negatives
Constructed mostly from metal these enlargers will provide a lifetime of service. The condenser coupled with the high quality lens supplied ensures enlargements of the highest quality. A filter drawer allows the use of gelatin multi-contrast filters.

Negatives are easily positioned in slots on the mask of the Paterson Proof Printers and the resulting contact sheet enables easy choice of which negatives to enlarge. An entire 36 exposure 35mm or 120 film can be proofed on a single 8 x 10in (20.3 x 25.4cm) sheet of paper.

The Micro Focus Finder provides a highly magnified image which snaps into and out of sharp focus and is bright, even at large magnifications. It is 6in (15cm) high and adjustable for individual eyesight. A shutter protects the mirror when not in use and a lens cap protects the high quality lens.

Timer £83.47

Enlarger from £192.00

3 varieties £51.64

Focus finder £26.08

print trays
Developing Trays

measuring graduates
Measuring Graduates

developing tanks
Developing Tanks

lighting kit
Lighting Kits

Available 8x10 - 20x24 in 3 colours to differentiate between chemicals under safelight conditions. Base design gives maximum economy of solution and easy print removal. Pouring lip for drip-free emptying. Available individually or in sets of 3.

The graduates are made from transparent polystyrene moulded under strictly controlled conditions to ensure total accuracy. They are of a cylindrical laboratory design giving uniform widely separated markings which are very easy to read.

The Super System 4 is simple to load, fast to fill and easy to clean. It has a one piece lid and funnel which clips into place positively and securely, enabling the tank to be filled and emptied quickly. The Paterson 35mm tank takes a single 35mm film, the Paterson Universal Tank takes two 35mm film, or a single 120/220 film.

2 Head Double Softbox Kit + Lamps (LIT111)The Paterson Daylight range offers a choice of 5400K daylight energy saving lamps that can be mixed with natural daylight when required. Exposure metering is simple - requiring only the use of the camera's built in metering system. Other kits available to suit most requirements.

Print tray set (3) 12x16
Available seperately eg 10x12 £6.77

45ml £5.72
150ml £5.72
300ml £6.77
600ml £8.86

Universal Tank 2 reels
Multi x3 Tank exc reels

2 Head Double Softbox Kit + Lamps (LIT111)
Price from