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Large prints sizes with Epson Ultrachrome Inks

For prints larger than 8"x14" ( which can be printed more easily on photographic paper ) we make large prints on our Epson 9800 with sizes up to 43"x 2m or more. Using the latest Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks we can print onto a variety of papers, not just Pearl or Gloss.

Our range of quality papers

  • Cotton Rag style - Textured 310gsm; Smooth 300gsm
  • Harman FB - Baryta paper 320gsm
  • Fuji Pearl & Gloss 290gsm
  • Permajet Titanium 280gsm
  • For more information on individual papers click here


film types

From Film originals

When printing from film we include the cost of scanning and then make the normal colour corrections required to optimise the image but we can also colour manage to your specifications. Just as with traditional hand prints you have all the same options of cropping and simple image corrections such as removal of blemishes as part of the normal level of service. We charge for the amount of paper 'covered by ink' and offer up to two inches of border, since most larger prints are to be framed: if you wish us to trim prints flush please ask. Plain borders over two inches are chargeable.

epson prints


From Digital Files

We normally make small adjustments to colour balance and density and adjust to match our system but if you do not wish any correction to be made, please ask.
We send images to our printer at 200dpi, so there is actually no need to save files at a higher resolution - naturally this does not affect image quality. The printer ink is output at 1440dpi. For further technical information see our reference pages. Order Online


From Original Artwork

We have a full range of facilities for copying large paintings, posters and prints in our Studio via either 4x5 or 120 transparency film. Artworks smaller than A3 are scanned by flatbed or photograhed digitally.

We store scanned and digital files that have been printed for the common sense reason that further prints may be required in future, however we do not offer formal archiving of printed files. If you require a copy of your file on CD they are available at the time of printing for a small charge.

epson prints

Fine Art Prints

The term Giclée decribes the quality imparted by pigment inks combined with high quality papers, such as cotton rag. The process benefits from the best qualities of the digital technology: accuracy; consistency and cost and is widely used in museums and art galleries where the quality of reproduction is paramount.

Services for Artists

Photographic Finishing

When you've had a large print made you may well need it to be mounted or laminated and we can offer a range of materials for this purpose. Click here for more info.







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Canvas Prints

Prints for Artists

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