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Fibre-base B/W prints




All FB prints are hand printed and processed in dishes. Hand printing is an 'art' not a science and we strongly recommend you discuss your requirements in terms of style, supplying example cuttings are ideal, so that we can more closely interpret your ideas.

The washing of prints is combined with a hypo clearing agent bath to give an archival finish. Some toned prints, particularly blue-toned, can fade subject to conditions. Prints are air-dried which leaves a slight warp to the paper: this is quite normal and will disappear when they are dry-mounted which is most appropriately carried out by your picture framer. The image size will never fill a quoted paper size as room must be left for a 1/2 - 1" border. Since images are traditionally given at least a 1' border, this is seldom a problem but obviously should be borne in mind when ordering.

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