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Digital Prints

  • Prints up to 12"x 36" (larger print size see Gallery Prints)
  • Individually assessed machine prints
  • Gloss or pearl; with or without white borders *
  • From camera card; USB flash card; CD ( preferably not DVD ) or online
  • Order online now

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Extra notes...

Prints sizes range from 3.5x5 to 12x18 in discrete steps according to paper roll width: one of your print dimensions must be either 4, 5, 6, 8 or 12 inches or the image will be enlarged to fill the paper. We print the whole image area so, for instance, if you have added special borders to your print area they will print normally, without being cropped out.

There are three common problems associated with ordering prints from digital files but with a little planning these can be easily managed.


If your image file is shaped in a 4:5 format then it will not fit a 4x6 print, or 5x7.5 etc. We can easily print 4x5 prints if that's what you would like, but it is not something we can guess, so please add instructions when you complete your address page or send us a seperate email.

File Size

like Goldilocks, it is best to make your file size 'just right' and guidance is provided in our reference page. Avoid files that are much too big as much as those which are too small.


Avoid the temptation of adjusting colour profiles unless you're very experienced. We inspect every image, making adjustments to make the best possible print, so strange colour profiles may adversely affect their quality: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is recommended. If you would like us to print with no adjustment then make that instruction clear.

* As standard throughout the industry if a white border is selected the paper size remains the same: the border is printed within the stated paper size. If frames or folders are to be used it is important to check the actual visible print area and choose an appropriate print size. If in doubt please contact us before ordering