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Speaker support and copies from print

Speaker support

There is still a demand for new and replacement 35mm slides for use in speaker support and we continue to provide slide from flat artwork, diagrams, photographs and digital files ( via a print ).
This service includes those occasions where another copy of an old slide is required or perhaps need to be restored.

Print to print copies

Faithful copies from original prints can often improve the appearance of faded originals but we also provide a full restoration service for damaged prints and negatives.

Legal notice: do not ask us to copy photographs or original artworks that will infringe the copyright law. Copyright covers all photographs up to 75 years after the death of the photographer and it always clear to us if a photograph has been taken professionally: we must err on the side of caution if we are in any doubt.

Copy negatives

We are not often asked to make copy negatives as their function has been largely superseded by digital technology but there are occasions when they are appropriate and we are happy to copy onto any film type.
B/W negatives 35mm - 4x5
Colour negatives 35mm or 120

Fine Art reproduction onto transparency
A full service is available and covered in our Fine Art page.