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BW film show
  • We are pleased to be a Harman 'Darkroom Centre'
  • We sell Ilford papers & products online
  • Traditional Hand prints on RC or fibre base paper
  • Develop and machine print packages
  • Gloss or matt; machine prints with or without borders
  • Fine Art prints on various fibre base papers
  • Toning - sepia, selenium, etc
  • Prints from glass plates and old negatives
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Hand prints

Traditional hand prints are exposed in the darkroom through-the-lens, normally onto Ilford paper, both resin-coated(RC) and fibre-base(FB) but we stock a range of other makes such as Adox. Broadly speaking RC paper have a more sparkly finish, particularly gloss, whilst FB papers have a more subtle range of finishes from flat matt to softly textured, often with a warm base colour.

Fine Art prints

We encourage our clients to speak one to one with our B/W printer so that the subtleties of style and specification may be discussed in depth. Our Fine Art prints, on traditional fibre-base papers are hand-printed, toned where appropriate and finished to give an archival print that will last for years. A few minutes of discussion is essential particularly if the prints are for exhibition or competition and many of our prints have helped win awards for our clients at national and international level.

Machine prints

Black & White prints can be either machine or hand printed, offering a wide choice in terms of budget and style. Improved technology means that prints do not show colour bias. We are confident in the results produced from any BW film by this method: refer to reprints for more information.