The odd, the old and the unusual!

  • Glass plate negatives
  • 126 / 127 negatives
  • 620; 120; 220 negatives
  • 4x5; 5x7; 61/2x81/2, 8x10 negatives
  • Half plate; Whole plate
  • APS; Panoramic; half-frame
  • Is that everything covered?!

Whatever the purpose, we can usually say 'yes' to most photographic requests. Museums, family genealogists and researchers frequently use our less well known services. By taking an interest in early processes, we have kept alive the skills needed to provide services from the last century. We can print by the most approriate means, either by hand or digitally and damaged prints and negatives can be restored - the finished item presented as either a new print or stored on a CD.

The Professor animations

So don't despair and put those old negatives back in the loft - call us and we should be able to help! If you have a damaged or faded photograph we may be able to restore it